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Get Involved

Parent and child volunteering

Whiz Kid’s cooperative philosophy encourages all parents to take a functional and proactive role in their child’s education. The school invites parents to visit, observe, and volunteer alongside their children because learning encompasses all aspects of life, not just within the classroom walls, and we want to share that mindset with our students and their families. We are fortunate to celebrate a wonderful and diverse community of students with their families and friends who support our schools continued progress and success. Our open door policy encourages parents and community members to contribute to Whiz Kid’s well-rounded educational environment by sharing a special interest or skill with the students, communicating  with the school community at-large through our newsletter or speaking at a school event. These donations of time and effort are a priceless investment in the advancement of Whiz Kids School’s reach and capabilities.

Ways in which you can help:

Join the Parent Teacher Organization

The mission of the Whiz Kid’s Parent Teacher Organization is to enrich and reinforce the school’s mission through a collaborative and beneficial partnership between the children, parents, and staff. The PTO is often described as an integral component of the school through which parents are given the opportunity to become active supporters of the school’s guiding principles.


Whiz Kid appreciates when parents are able to volunteer their time to assist educators in the classrooms, on field trips, and in the organization and implementation of school-sponsored events. We are always on the lookout for parental participation. We ask that you check our school’s calendar regularly and subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to learn about volunteer opportunities.