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What qualifications do your teachers hold?

The teachers and assistants on our staff meet the requirements et by the state of Texas. These requirements include education and health requirements for people working with small children. We also strive to provide our staff with continued education in Early Childhood Education. Each staff member also undergoes an extensive background check, CPR and first aid certification.

Does your program have a Religious component?

Yes, we do have a religious component! We use Abeka as the part of our curriculum which teaches the children/students moral values in life. We also pray before every meal. And they learn how we are to love everyone. Your child’s spiritual development is fostered through the unconditional love and support they receive from our staff through prayer and song, stories and recognition of creation and God’s blessings.

Do you have tours of your school?

Tours under Covid 19
Yes, we Have two ways for you to tour our program. Since Covid we have been doing virtual tours for your safety and ours, and those are done between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm. We also can schedule tours for the weekend if available and even after school hours. To schedule please call the office at (972) 283-9404.

Tours under Regular Circumstances:
Every January and August we have an evening Open House Event. This event is open to the community and offers an opportunity for parents to hear more about our program, philosophy, mission and vision. Also, all classrooms are open with sample activities and the teachers are available to answer questions and share their love and passion for learning and growing with preschoolers!. This is a parent only evening.
Tours by appointment: Are usually reserved for those families that are looking for immediate enrollment and have been offered an open space in our program. These tours occur during school hours and appointments and can be scheduled by calling our office at (972) 283-9404.

What is your child to teacher ratio?

Our ratio is based on what the State’s Minimum Standards has set for us.

What are your school hours?

Our hours of operation are from 6am – 6pm. Monday – Friday.

How many days can my child attend?

You can be a drop in for 1 to 2 days for a certain amount a day, or you can be 3 to 5 days at full tuition.

Is your curriculum aligned with the local public school system?

Yes, our curriculum is aligned with local and federal educational guidelines.

What if my child has allergies?

At Whiz Kid, we are a tree-nut and peanut free school. We take allergies very seriously and keep allergy lists in all classrooms.