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Over the years, we have streamlined our admission process. After filling out and submitting the enrollment form, you’ll be asked to schedule a tour. The tour of our facility is where you’re able to not only get acquainted with our school, but also ask any questions you may have about our program. You’ll then meet with our director, who may also evaluate your child for their readiness. From here, we can then personalize your child’s experience with us starting on their first day. We consider each child’s admission individually, regardless of race, religion, gender, or national origin, and admit each student on a six-week provisional basis. At the end of the six-week period, we will talk to you about your child’s progress and growth in our school.

Our primary goal is that both the parent and the child fit well within our culture and have similar expectations of the program. We follow a rolling admission process, so admission requests are processed as they arrive. Since demand of our programs is high, we maintain a waiting list for all our programs. If a program is full when you begin the enrollment process, your child will be placed on the waiting list, and you’ll be notified as soon as an opening is available.


Here is a our current fee schedule (for the year 2020-2021)